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A Thought to Help in Difficult Times...

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

It seems important at the outset of this discussion to define what is the true meaning of "spiritual" often when we refer to one's spiritual life we are referring to religion and religious practice.

There is indeed a difference in that "spiritual" in its purest, truest meaning refers instead to the ageless, timeless, nameless part of mankind that has lived, and will live, forever.

Religion as devotion and practice was devised down through the ages as a kind of "roadmap" that is meant to ultimately lead us back to the Source of our life as creations of that One, indefinable Being.

Religious practices are often invaluable help to many as they provide a path and a way that may lead to deep discovery and holiness. However, the Spirit does not require Religion nor clerical direction to achieve self-realization and ultimate understanding of the unchanging truth of Being.

Teachings of Masters, even long before Jesus and Buddha in the heights of Tibet and India, have sought to help mankind "remember" and awaken to his true identity.

The awareness that occurs is indeed an awakening of "Consciousness"

Consciousness grows as a result of learning, experience, trials and individual intent.

All the great Masters emphasize that the knowledge lies Within.

The growing awareness then begins to affect how we think of one another, world events and the animals with whom we share our earth.

Each human being grows his own consciousness, in his own time, and this relates to our most important gift: Free Will.

What a beautiful thought that we achieve spiritual growth through the choices we make each day we live.

To explain the idea of "consciousness" imagine a classroom you have just entered, taking notice of everything you see: Desks, chalkboard, erasers, books, windows, wastebasket. Then a very tall ladder is brought into the room and you climb all the way to the top which is near the ceiling. Now, looking down, you see a red ball behind a desk, a crumpled paper behind the wastebasket and other things you could not see when looking at the room laterally.

The ladder is a metaphor for consciousness; each rung of the ladder represents a level of consciousness that changes how you view yourself and others.

Growing awareness changes all your attitudes such as prejudice, criticism, loving-kindness, indulgence, forgiveness and understanding of the mistakes and faults of fellow human beings.

The ladder metaphor is fitting in that one must climb each rung of a ladder HIMSELF to achieve the top. You may be instructed and encouraged as you climb, but it is YOU and you alone that reaches the top.

In "Spiritual Correctness" we re-learn that we are Spiritual Beings, come to earth, our home, for the express purpose of growing our "Christ" light--the Divine power within--through the mastery of our response to all the events and experiences of that life.

Awareness of this knowledge is the first rung of the ladder.

Genuine understanding of the arduous process of growing consciousness means that forgiveness of ourselves and others is key.

Each human proceeds in his own time and in his own way.

So many mistakes are made along the path; judgment of others simply shows a lack of our own awareness if we use hate and criticism instead of compassion and loving-kindness.

Current events of racial injustice (not only in this country, but throughout the world) are a revealing example that many of us have not yet reached the rung of the consciousness ladder whereby all others are viewed as equal beings.

Martin Luther King Jr. said that "hatred was too hard" he was going to "try love instead".

His growing consciousness was a joy to behold as he took that awareness into his leadership, his example and his legacy.

When people on either side of the political spectrum exhibit hostility, criticism, hatred disparaging talk and violence to one another, it is simply their current consciousness level.

This is where the Masters encourage wisdom; to understand and not return the same negative response.

We all know how very difficult it is to do this, but special souls such as Fred Rogers, "Mr. Rogers", are great examples.

He spoke his truth in all situations, yet his consciousness displayed only loving-kindness, gentle respect and indulgence to others.

As our present situation of fear and unrest continues, if you are able to consider that your brothers and sisters around you each day are responding to all events based upon their individual level of consciousness, and that they, in their own process of learning, must grow, each, in their OWN time.

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