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Effective Prayer for Others

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Originating from the Divine Source, we are (regardless of our challenging earthly experiences) divine beings.

The most effective way of helping others is by prayer. Do you know that “prayer” is just an old-fashioned word for a way of thinking?

When you pray for others, begin by affirming their divine identity and the presence of the Divine within. Know that this innate Divine is an interior knowing that guides and directs each soul on the path of his or her own life.

In “prayer” affirm and entrust them to the power and wisdom of this presence. Perfection and wholeness is our natural state, as planned by the Divine in creation.

Therefore, guidance from the Divine presence is clear and unerring, arising from the love and light within.

Your thoughts, as you pray for another person, link them to the Source, the fount of unending compassion, love and peace; Infinite Spirit, which will guide and direct their human experience, no matter how challenging.

In prayer visualize them enfolded and surrounded by Light; shining with the Presence, radiant and joyful with confidence and grace.

Hold them continually in that Light, diminishing all worry and concern, regardless of present circumstances or appearances.

To “Pray” for another is to “think” of them in this way…..the most perfect form of prayer.

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