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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

There is an indefatigable knowing that is beyond the understanding and knowledge of the “earth mind” and you may access (through intention) a deep awareness of this wisdom; this inner knowing.

There is a literary magazine called “The Sun”. Primarily it is prose, poetry and photographs. Each monthly issue has a certain “theme” that is reflected in that month’s content.

One particular month the theme was “Community” and one lengthy article stressed the importance of community on the shared human experience.

It was not spiritually-based, religious nor metaphysical, instead a very practical perspective of how the sense of community impacts us as fellow humans.

In several short paragraphs of the article, the writer told of an adventurous girl who belonged to a special community of very close and loving people. She was a “daredevil” and liked to parachute. One day while jumping from a small plane, her parachute failed and she fell to earth. Her body was severely broken, her internal organs damaged beyond medical repair. Though near death and in a coma, she was still alive and taken to the hospital where chances of survival were slim to none.

Her loving community created a CD, sent to her family, that contained a wonderful message of love and a firm belief that she would fully recover, despite all appearances. The girl’s parents were so uplifted by their words and faith that they decided to play the CD in her hospital room 24 hrs a day, for her to hear though in a coma.

Well, the girl fully recovered, her internal organs, bones and tissues completely healed, to the amazement of all her doctors.

The way to see this is twofold: Yes, the love and spiritual belief is vital and powerful; but also to consider the practical way in which the cells of the body respond to the messages sent by the mind.

Since the subconscious mind NEVER sleeps, even in the girl’s coma, with the “big brother” the conscious mind fast asleep, the little subconscious mind was hearing, and listening to, the words on the CD playing over and over in repetition. The subconscious then, in turn, was sending these messages to all the cells of the body which (with no thoughts of their own) believed in the powerful thoughts of perfect health and healing, and thus the cells responded with complete healing.

The perfect scenario is that the conscious mind was out of the way, due to the girl’s coma; which allowed no intellectual thoughts of medical prognosis, tests, information, doubt or opinion. This meant that the subconscious was completely free of his “big brother” the conscious mind, stopping him through critical thinking, so that pure thoughts of health and healing were sent directly to the cells of the girl’s body.

This is a most beautiful example of how we are able to heal whatever attempts to sabotage the perfect health of the body, because the Creator meant for us to have perfect health.

You can successfully do this through your own great belief and power.

This story was just meant to remind you of what you already know; that through your own spiritual intuition, which is not affected by the fluctuating thoughts of the world, or contemporary medicine, that no matter what may temporarily enter your life experience, there is, within you, the power to fully heal mind and body.

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