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Spirit Talks To Body

What does it mean for Spirit to talk to Body? The body is the vehicle that carries us through the physical life we are currently living on Earth. We wear and inhabit a new body in each new life we live. When we make our “soul plan” prior to reincarnating again, our soul has definite goals to be achieved in that new lifetime. Guided by the wisdom and love of our Divine Source, we seek to balance and forgive through the “repeat” of old experiences.

Spirit talking to Body overcomes every challenge, no matter how seemingly difficult, and restores body and mind.

The new body has different genetic make-up, astral vibrations that correspond to the moment of birth, soul memory and connections to other souls. The new infant brings this “baggage” into the new life. The plan, however, is that the reincarnating soul forgets its true identity and the plan it has made. The challenges and sufferings of the new life may be overwhelmingly difficult physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Since these challenges have a spiritual origin rather than a physical origin (which belongs to “earth mind”) the only lasting relief and insight--both to mind and body--is spiritual help.

Spirit talking to Body is an effective and powerful tool that grows increasingly more powerful and effective with conscious, daily use.

Begin by connecting with the Source of All, in your own way, by relaxing mind and body completely. Focus your thoughts on your true identity as an ageless, timeless soul whose real home is Spirit. Apply the healing balm of forgiveness by asking this of all those you have knowing and unknowingly hurt in this and every lifetime, forgiving others who have hurt you, and yourself for all that has transpired in this and every lifetime. Talk to every part of your body with praise and affirmations of health, well-being, faith and gratitude.

Consciously deny any challenge which is now present in your body, mind and emotions by affirming your true identity and knowing that your body is a magnificent healing machine when all negative thoughts are mastered and removed.

Spirit talking to Body overcomes every challenge, no matter how seemingly difficult, and restores body and mind.

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16 de fev. de 2023

Dear Gail Fountain, your deeply thoughtful and spiritually insightful writings and encouragements in these posts -since 2018, Spirit Talks to Body"- are rungs on the spiritual ladder referred to, which truly have elevated my spiritual perspective, consciousness, and provide a clear recipe towards connection to one's own soul awareness. Thank You for holding fast much of what most of us have yet to discover; your encouragements bring the Light.

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