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World Consciousness Creates Pain

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

The heart-wrenching videos in Memphis seen by the world in the past few days disrupt thoughts and emotions in all who watch.

There is no justifiable explanation for the brutality of this act by the men whose chosen place in life was to defend and protect; their vow betrayed in these terrible moments.

Current perspective is to assign blame and anger to ALL members of the group these men represent; law enforcement members, who are sworn to stand against the forces of darkness who threaten mankind.

What is a natural reaction to the horrific beating and death of Tyre Nichols is also based upon a lack of spiritual understanding and may increase hatred and dissension.

It seems that we now collectively assign blame to groups, rather than to the individuals who form these groups.

The personal responsibility of each individual for his/her own actions is no longer the primary perspective and therefore releases the individual, instead blaming the Group, and those in authority creating and controlling the actions of that group.

The actions of each individual soul are based upon spiritual growth; (be sure here to not confuse “religious” with “spiritual” as they are vastly different from one another. Religion is the path each soul chooses to travel as an individual, a personal search meant to create worship and a search for unity with God).

Spiritual is not related to established “religious” creed or dogma; it is a personal search unbounded by rules and thoughts of traditional “Churches”. A soul seeking this interior growth of wisdom and love looks within, using the work and knowledge of those of like mind who have come before.

It is an “unfoldment”, as symbolized as the Lotus flower by those who follow the Buddhist tradition and by the teachings of Masters such as Jesus of Nazareth.

When spiritual consciousness grows in the individual soul, this consciousness governs all response to human challenges and reflects understanding, wisdom and compassion.

The process of achieving a deep and abiding spiritual consciousness is a long-lived search requiring a departure from opposing world thought and contemporary world view; and replacing individual perspective with a view of the ageless, timeless life of the soul, whose true origin is the Source of All Life (by whatever name each person calls that Source).

Once the spiritual consciousness grows and is established as a natural response in the individual, the person’s behavior reflects this loving and compassionate way of being.

Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. are two contemporary examples of souls who chose and followed the path of spiritual consciousness, as evidenced by their love, compassion and forgiveness.

Forgiveness may be the most difficult healing balm to apply, especially when confronted by the basest of human behavior, as seen in the Memphis video.

When a true spiritual consciousness is present in the individual soul and governs their human response and behavior, there would not occur the harsh and violent words spoken to Tyre Nichols as they stopped his car and the brutality that followed.

These individual men, who were acting not as protectors and defenders, do not yet possess the spiritual understanding which would have prevented their actions.

Though it seems a natural public response to blame ALL police and law enforcement, it seems more appropriate to design recruitment, hiring, examination, continuous observation, monitoring and evaluation of those we choose as law enforcement to ensure these persons reflect a higher consciousness.

It is difficult in our modern world to believe in the presence and power of Evil, as an ancient force seeking the destruction of mankind, but there is much evidence of those individuals who are aligned with Evil and bring great violence and pain to fellow humans, without restraint or remorse.

Who will stand against these?

The writer Joseph Wambaugh called it “the thin blue line”. There is, on one side of the line those who do evil to mankind, and on the other side of the line, those who stand against them.

This is the purpose of the men and women in law enforcement, those who are willing to hold the line, at the risk of their own lives.

It is our deepest hope that they would have the spiritual consciousness to stand for the best of human response and behavior…when they do NOT, as shown in the Memphis video, we may try to understand that it is not ALL, only the men who, as individuals, acted in this abhorrent way.

We want and expect that they be held accountable for their actions, with an emphasis, too, that they have betrayed their sacred duty to defend and protect.

And we offer our own prayers and highest thoughts to the Source of all Life.

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